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23 July 2018 16:51

Improve Research for International Publications

Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) held a guest lecture called “Thriving in the Publication Journey: Some Strategies for Novice Researchers”. This activity was conducted in room 126 of the UKSW E building, on Tuesday (18 July), presenting a lecturer from Miami University, Oxford, USA, Nugrahenny T. Zacharias, Ph.D., as the speaker.

According to Vice Rector IV Joseph Ernest Mambu, S.Pd., M.A., Ph.D., this activity was held as a part of the UKSW strategic plan to improve lecturer research and publications, especially for lecturers who do not have experience in doing…

18 July 2018 09:48

Leadership with Integrity Serves with Heart

On Saturday (7 July), a public lecture was held with the theme “Leadership with Integrity”, at the Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) University Hall. This activity was part of a general course (MKU) called Christian Religion Education (PAK). It was not only joined by students who took the course, but it was also open to the general public.

The teaching coordinator of MKU PAK, Pdt. Cindy Quartyamina Koan, M.A, explained that this general course, which presented four resource persons, was intentionally opened to the public as a form of publication…

16 July 2018 12:20

More Than 500 Job Vacancies at 36th UKSW Job Fair

The Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) University Hall was crowded with jobseekers this morning (13 July). Since Thursday (12 July), the Satya Wacana Career and Alumni Center (SWCA) has been holding the UKSW Job Fair at the University Hall.

When met in-between activities, Theresia Evy Yeniarti, SE., the head of the committee and head of SWCA, revealed that this time the job fair is being joined by 4 education institutions and 38 companies in the automotive, medical device, property, telecommunications, textile, offset, banking, manufacturing, retail, and other fields. Meanwhile, there…

16 July 2018 12:19

UKSW Holds Job Fair with 41 Companies and 463 Job Vacancies

More than 41 companies will partake in the 36th UKSW Job Fair, on Thursday (12 July) and Friday (13 July) this week. The job fair, which will be held at the Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) University Hall, can be joined by the general public.

Theresia Evy Yeniarti, S.E., the head of the UKSW Job Fair committee, explained that this time there are more than 463 job vacancy postings being offered.

“The job vacancies are not only for Undergraduate Degree graduates, but also for vocational high school graduates, 3-year Associate…

16 July 2018 12:16

UKSW Equips New Students through New University Student Orientation

The atmosphere at Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) seemed very lively since Monday (2 July). Various parts of the campus like the Noto House and the Admissions and Registration Section (BARA) were very crowded. The crowd was comprised of new prospective students who were in the process of doing re-registration and registering to join the New University Student Orientation (OMB).

Not much different from the previous years, the new prospective students that registered for the New University Student Orientation will receive various items like a bag that has an alma…

16 July 2018 12:08

Rector Sends Off UKSW R2C to Compete at National Level

Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) Rector Neil Semuel Rupidara, S.E., M.Sc., Ph.D., sent off 14 UKSW Engineering and Computer Faculty (FTEK) students who were part of the Robotic Research Center (R2C) team, on Thursday (5 July). The R2C team will compete in the National Indonesia Robot Contest (KRI) on 11-13 July 2018 at Muhammadiyah University Yogyakarta (UMY).

Previously, R2C earned the right to advance to the national level of KRI after earning 3rd place at the regional level. In the region 3 KRI held at PGRI University Semarang (UPGRIS), R2C…

16 July 2018 12:06

UKSW Establishes Partnership with Globuzzer

Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) has established a partnership with and officially become a member of Globuzzer. This was done in an effort of UKSW to assist students who will visit overseas. More concretely, this collaboration will provide further opportunities for UKSW students to continue their higher education in Europe, obtain scholarships, receive job opportunities, be involved in cultural exchange activities, as well as acquire experiences. 

The signing of this MoU was done online by Vice Rector IV Joseph Ernest Mambu, S.Pd., M.A., Ph.D., recently. After a long…

16 July 2018 12:04

Public Relations Study Program Holds Branding and Communication Strategy Guest Lecture

The Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) Information Technology Faculty (FTI) Public Relations Study Program held a guest lecture at the UKSW FTI Auditorium, on Friday (29 June). This guest lecture, which had the theme “Branding and Communication Strategy”, presented two speakers, the Vice President of Service of PT. Netmediatama Indonesia, Dr. Rahmat Edi Irawan, S.Pd., M.Ikom., and the Vice President of Corporate Communication of Citilink, Benny S. Sidabutar, M.Si.

In his talk, Benny S. Sidabutar explained that a campus is the final stronghold to create a qualified public relations person.…

16 July 2018 12:03

Science Graduates Must Be Ready to Face Digital Revolution Era

At the Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) University Hall, the Science and Mathematics Faculty (FSM) held a national seminar on Thursday (28 June) morning. This seminar had the theme “Science and Learning Science in an Interesting and Challenging Way”. It was opened directly by the Vice Rector V of Research and Community Service, Dr. Suryasatriya Trihandaru, M.Sc.nat., who was accompanied by the FSM Dean, Dr. Drs. Adi Setiawan, M.Sc.

In his greeting, the UKSW Vice Rector V was very appreciative and grateful to all the participants, who came from several…

16 July 2018 11:48

11 Foreign Universities Learn Indonesian Language and Culture at UKSW

Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) received 12 foreign students who will learn Indonesian language in Salatiga, on Monday (25 June). These students will join the 73rd Indonesian Language and Culture Learning Intensive Program (PIBBI) and the 2018 Consortium for the Teaching of Indonesian (COTI).

This activity was opened directly by Vice Rector IV Joseph Ernest Mambu, S.Pd., M.A., Ph.D. It was conducted in the UKSW University Hall after the Monday service. In his greeting, the Vice Rector IV thanked the participants and showed his appreciation for their attendance. He also…