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12 September 2017 12:24
GlobEEs Culture Sharing Introduces Two Cultures

GlobEEs Culture Sharing Introduces Two Cultures

The friendliness of two cultures from two different countries was greatly felt at the Satya Wacana Christian University (SWCU) Recital Hall, on Thursday (31 August) afternoon. Various kinds of Indonesian and Taiwanese cultures were provided in the Culture Sharing agenda that was part of the 2017 Global Education Experiences (GlobEEs) program.

As reported previously, GlobEEs 2017 was held from 20 August – 2 September 2017. It was joined by students from SWCU and Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) Taiwan. Culture Sharing was one of the primary agendas in the activity.

In opening the culture sharing event the other day, in turns, the CJCU participants, who were accompanied by Dr. Hye-Kyung Park as the leader, represented festivals that are often held in Taiwan, such as the Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, and Moon Festival. While all wearing red shirts with the words CJCU, they also handed out a special drink from their country called Bubble Tea to all of the visitors.

As a closing, the CJCU participants, who consisted of nine students, presented a song titled “Gang Hao Yu Jian Ni”. They boldly asked all of the audience members to sing along with them. One of the students from CJCU, Patrick, explained that through the song, they wanted to convey the happiness they felt while joining this program.


“We had a really great time while joining the GlobEEs program; we will always remember it. The Indonesian citizens, especially those from Salatiga and SWCU, are really friendly,” stated Patrick, while his friends nodded their heads in agreement.

Not only the CJCU participants, but the GlobEEs participants from SWCU, who were also the host of this event, introduced the cultural richness of Indonesia. Their appearance opened with a drama that depicted college life at SWCU.

The participants, who were led by the activity leader, Gita Hastuti, MA, also presented regional songs like “Ayo Mama” and “Yamko Rambe Yamko”, the dance “Tor-tor”, the comedy drama dance “Cublak-cublak Suweng”, as well as the national song “Rayuan Pulau Kelapa”.

This activity was also enlivened by the “Genjring” dance performance by three students from Lebah Putih School. Among the academic community who were able to witness this event were students from Public High School 1 Salatiga and the Lebah Putih School.

Hamid, a 5th grade student from Lebah Putih Elementary School, admitted that he enjoyed watching the Culture Sharing event the other day. “The event was really cool. We could learn a lot more about Indonesian culture and Taiwanese culture,” he stated.

5th Year  

SWCU Vice Rector IV Martha Nandari, MA, who attended this activity, explained that in the beginning, GlobEEs was held because both parties wanted to maintain a partnership and know more about each other’s cultures. This has continued until the 5th year. Martha conveyed that GlobEEs has brought even more positive effects, not just for the participants but also for both education institutions.

In closing the event, Martha Nandari, accompanied by the leaders of each university, symbolically cut the cone-shaped rice, in order to celebrate 5 years of holding GlobEEs. (at/chis/upk_bpha/photo:chis).