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12 September 2017 12:27
On Saturday, SWCU Holds New University Student Orientation Carnival

On Saturday, SWCU Holds New University Student Orientation Carnival

Still as part of the 2017 New University Student Orientation (OMB), Satya Wacana Christian University (SWCU) will hold a New University Student Orientation, on Saturday (9 September). Starting at 2:00 PM from the SWCU campus exit door, this year’s carnival will traverse the route – Diponegoro Street – Jendral Sudirman Street – Bungur Street – Pemotongan Street – Kartini Street – Monginsidi Street – Diponegoro Street – and return to the SWCU campus.

The carnival, which has been part of the SWCU annual agenda, will present a New University Student Costume Carnival, a Marching Band, Flagger, a Unity in Diversity March, and a New University Student Trash Clean-up. Besides that, this year’s carnival is supported by the marching band groups in Salatiga, including Drumblek Gempar, Drumblek Teksas Squad 234, Drumblek Gadalisa, Drumblek Red 74, Drumblek NGK, and Sendratari Ramayana “Wijisari”.

Birds of Paradise

The Head of the 2017 SWCU OMB Committee, Yusepaldo Pasharibu, ST., MM, explained that this year’s SWCU New University Student Carnival will present new things like a song that was especially arranged for this carnival to be presented by the CS Marching Band. This song will be accompanied by the MB Costume Carnival, which is a new university student costume parade and a flag or flagger parade.

“We will present an aves paradisus or birds of paradise event, which consists of 20 costumes of rare birds in Indonesia. Not only that, as a campus which cares about the environment and cleanliness, we will also provide a new university student clean-up crew, which will keep everything clean while the parade is being held,” explained Yusepaldo.

New University Students Ask for Permission

Yusepaldo further stated that this carnival is held as a form of seeking permission from SWCU new university students, who come from various regions in Indonesia, to the Salatiga community. What is presented by the new university students in this carnival is also a reflection of this year’s New University Student Orientation theme, which is “Be Creative and Set an Example”.

“Besides that, through this carnival, we also want to entertain the Salatiga community. This carnival also sets an example through the reflection of an Indonesia mini which is tolerant and unified from all the regions in Indonesia. This carnival also shows our creativity through our costume creations in the form of rare bird breeds, a flag troupe ceremony, and CS Marching Band,” stated Yusepaldo. (at/upk_bpha/photo_upk).