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16 July 2018 12:20
More Than 500 Job Vacancies at 36th UKSW Job Fair

More Than 500 Job Vacancies at 36th UKSW Job Fair

The Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) University Hall was crowded with jobseekers this morning (13 July). Since Thursday (12 July), the Satya Wacana Career and Alumni Center (SWCA) has been holding the UKSW Job Fair at the University Hall.

When met in-between activities, Theresia Evy Yeniarti, SE., the head of the committee and head of SWCA, revealed that this time the job fair is being joined by 4 education institutions and 38 companies in the automotive, medical device, property, telecommunications, textile, offset, banking, manufacturing, retail, and other fields. Meanwhile, there are 511 job vacancy positions available for vocational high school, 3-year Associate Degree, 4-year Associate Degree/ Undergraduate Degree, and Master’s Degree holders.

“At this job fair, we are also providing free vacancy books that have job vacancies listed by the job fair participants. This is done as a form of service to help jobseekers prepare themselves before meeting directly with company representatives at the stands they will visit,” explained Evy.

Direct Test

On the first day, a number of companies already did the selection process in the form of interviews and psychology tests. According to Theresia Evy, this test service is one of the added values of the UKSW Job Fair.

Tests will still be conducted until today. “Having these tests is beneficial to jobseekers and companies, because the recruitment process will run more smoothly,” stated Theresia.

This Friday, several companies will conduct tests, including Alfamart Digital Business, Nojorono Tobacco International, Indomaret Group, and BPK Penabur.

Graduates from Other Universities

On the first day of the job fair yesterday, a number of graduates were observed from various universities throughout Central Java that wanted to take advantage of the UKSW Job Fair to give their CVs to the participants’ stands. Yoga Tri Waluyo, a Semarang State University (Unnes) graduate, submitted his CV to three different companies. In his opinion, the UKSW Job Fair really assists new graduates in searching for jobs at competent companies.

“Moreover, for a recent graduate like myself, joining this job fair really helps me apply to various companies at one time and one place,” clarified this Physical Education Faculty graduate.

Different from him, Nalendradi Attar, a UKSW Engineering and Computer Faculty (FTEK) graduate, admitted that he took advantage of the UKSW Job Fair to improve his career. Previously, this 2009 batch alumnus had worked at several companies in the manufacturing field.

Several of the 36th UKSW Job Fair participants include Formulatrix, Indomaret Group, Santos Jaya Abadi, Honda Prospect Motor, CTI, Alfamart Digital Business, Nojorono Tobacco International, Lippo Malls Indonesia, Supra Primatama Nusantara (BIZNET), Bank Central Asia (BCA), Yahya Christian School, Pura Group, Anabatic Technologies, Asahimas, Enseval Putera Megatrading, BPK Penabur Jakarta, Honda Semarang Center, Duniatex Group, Jaya Sukses Semesta, Tong Tji, Honda Surabaya Center, Propan Raya I.C.C, Daniel Creative School, Ace Hardware, PT Espera Satya, Alfalink, Charoen Pokphand Indonesia, Hidup Baru Plasindo, Fond of English Cirebon, Arta Boga Cemerlang, CV. Multi Casa Semarang, PT. Geo Neto For Kalbe, Evotech, Sutindo, PT. Hartono Istana Teknologi (POLYTRON), Araya Bumi Indonesia, Surabaya Mekabox, Ungaran Sari Garment, CIMB Niaga, BFI Finance, as well as one of the participants of Kidsland INT’L – SDTEL.

The UKSW Job Fair will still be held until later this afternoon at 4:00 PM. Online registration can be completed through the website: The company profiles and job vacancies can be viewed on the same website. Complete information can also be obtained at the Facebook page: Jobfair UKSW or at Instagram: @swca.uksw or by contacting SWCA through WA at: 0896-6888-4464.

Opening of Job Fair  

The opening of the 36th UKSW Job Fair on Thursday (12 July) morning was joined by participant representatives and attended by UKSW leadership, including Vice Rector I Dr. Iwan Setyawan; Vice Rector IV Joseph Ernest Mambu, S.Pd., M.A., Ph.D.; the Director of the Promotion, Public Relations, and Alumni Bureau, Rini Kartika Hudiono, S.Pd., M.A.; as well as a number of faculty representatives.

In his greeting, Dr. Iwan Setyawan expressed his gratitude to all the UKSW Job Fair participants for participating in and working together with UKSW to provide job opportunities for jobseekers. He hopes that the job fair participants who also hire UKSW graduates can provide feedback through the SWCA office.

“We hope to receive evaluations from the job fair participants who may also employ UKSW graduates as part of their workforce, so that it can be input for UKSW to improve the learning quality,” explained Dr. Iwan Setyawan. (at/upk/chis/ev_bpha/photo:chis).