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25 September 2018 17:12
Sorghum Lets Florensia Pass Nugraha Research Indofood Selection

Sorghum Lets Florensia Pass Nugraha Research Indofood Selection

Research that was conducted by Florensia Dwi Rahmawati produced satisfying results. This Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) Science and Mathematics Faculty (FSM) Chemistry Study Program student passed the selection process to receive the 2018 Nugraha Research Indofood program grant. Florensia is one of 58 participants who was accepted from various universities all over Indonesia.

The Nugraha Research Indofood program is an Indofood CSR program that encourages the production of renewable technology and a vision in the food processing field through young researchers. Besides that, this program also supports the Republic of Indonesia government program related to national food sustenance through local commodity based food diversification.

The topic that was raised by Florensia to join the Nugraha Research Indofood selection was Sorghum Flour Optimization (Sorghum Bicolor L.) reviewed from Fermentation and Acetylation. This 2015 batch woman strives to make a new breakthrough in utilizing sorghum plants maximally. As previously sorghum was primarily used for livestock feed, she produced sorghum to become a wheat replacement food by being processed through fermentation for one until three days by being given culture isolates. Besides that, sorghum flour that usually has a hard texture when processed will be submerged in acetate acid in order that it becomes softer after being processed. With all the benefits, this research topic can also help reduce the dependency on wheat imports.

Wheat Replacement

 “Wheat is very difficult to grow in Indonesia, while sorghum is much easier to grow in Indonesia. However, there are not as many uses for sorghum, whereas sorghum can be made into a wheat replacement main ingredient. If these research results are applied and production is increased, it can reduce wheat imports,” she said.

Assisted by an FSM lecturer, Dr. Yohanes Martono, S.Si, M.Sc, Florensia went through the selection stages since the beginning of August by sending her research proposal. “I was worried about not passing the selection process because I was only able to complete all the requirements one day before the deadline and sent it to the Nugraha Research Indofood committee. But all of my concerns changed to happiness because I could pass the selection process,” stated this woman who was born in Magelang.

She did not only receive happiness. Florensia also got an award in the form of a certificate and a research grant of 9 million rupiah. The research will be done for one year in the future, and there will be three evaluations by Nugraha Research Indofood while the research process is ongoing. (at/mei_jurkam/upk/chis_bpha/photo:gde_bpha).