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25 September 2018 17:13
Innovation Product Expo Attracts Visitors’ Attention

Innovation Product Expo Attracts Visitors’ Attention

Dozens of innovation products were displayed in the Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) Biology Faculty 2018 Innovation Expo in the front parking lot of the UKSW Central Administration Building, on Thursday-Friday (20-21 September). The activity, which had the theme “Biological Resources”, was joined by UKSW Biology Faculty lecturers and students.

The stands displayed innovation products in the form of food, drinks, and fertilizer that were all made from organic ingredients. For instance, there were tempe innovations done by the Biology Faculty Dean, Dra. Lusiawati Dewi, M.Sc., by producing various new products, including fish tempe and turmeric tempe.

Another superior product was liquid fertilizer that was made from a lecturer, Dra. Susanti Puji Hastuti, M.Sc. She recently conducted research on fertilizer mixed with various ingredients that functions as a starter or what is often called an effective microorganism (EM).

“We haven’t shared what kind of material it is, because at this time we are still doing research. But this time I am also using organic liquid fertilizer that is made from urine that is ready to be applied on various kinds of plants. The way to use it is easy because you just need to add water with a ratio of 1:100,” she said.

The other innovation products displayed were cilok tempe (tempe balls), tempe macaroni, tempe doughnuts, pukis buah naga (dragon fruit cake), bolu tape (fermented rice cake), onde-onde pelangi (rainbow rice cake), cassava croquet, cassava leaf satay, cheese, fennel chips, Moringa leaf pudding, mocaf, herbal drinks, talok (cherry) leaf drink, kefir, mushrooms, as well as natural face masks.

When met in-between events, the Biology Faculty Dean explained that all of the innovation products displayed were organic products with many uses. A couple of the superior innovation products that were patented were fish tempe and turmeric tempe, because they are rich in protein, antioxidants, and anti-bacteria that are good for the body.

“This innovation expo was part of the 56th Biology Faculty Anniversary activities. We want to encourage Biology Faculty lecturers and students to innovate based on the knowledge that they have learned from their college activities,” she said.

Through this expo, Dra. Lusiawati Dewi, M.Sc., hopes that students and lecturers can develop natural product innovations that are more interesting and beneficial for society.

In this exhibition, all of the stands provided free products that could be tried by the visitors. Besides that, there were also 15 Salatiga local culinary stands.

One of the visitors, Grivin Cahya Karlingsi, was very appreciative because through this activity he could see directly the innovative products made by Biology Faculty lecturers and students. This UKSW Information Technology Faculty (FTI) student also mentioned that what was displayed can educate society to apply a healthy lifestyle, including in food processing. (at/mei_jurkam/chis/upk_bpha/photo:gde_bpha).