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09 November 2018 16:06
Kompas Media Greets UKSW Students

Kompas Media Greets UKSW Students

Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) in coordination with Kompas Media held a seminar and recruitment titled “Kompas Greets Campus” in room 126 of E building, on Wednesday (31 October). The seminar, which had the theme “The Role of the Millennial Generation Towards the Media Industry Today”, strove to equip the young generation to be able to face challenges in maintaining the credibility of changes in the media industry in the industrial revolution 4.0.

The seminar, which was joined by UKSW students, presented the Kompas HRD Manager, Ayu Kartika IL, and the Kompas Digital Production Assistant Manager, Septa Inigopatria Gunarso, as the speakers.

In her speech, Ayu Kartika IL conveyed information about organizations in the industrial revolution 4.0, and the changing challenges related to it. As a company which operates in the media field, stated Ayu, Kompas Media also faces many challenges.

“As a company that is in the media field, accuracy and appropriateness are needed in choosing news content. Besides that, it is also necessary to pay attention to accuracy in all aspects, so that it can provide positive outcomes for society,” she explained to the students in attendance.

Compete with Technology

She also explained that in the industrial revolution 4.0, students do not only compete with other people but also with systems and machines. This is due to no other than the increasingly rapid changes and technological developments. Therefore, Ayu mentioned that starting now, students must hone their creative and innovative skills.

Meanwhile, Septa Inigopatria Gunarso shared knowledge about media design. In his opinion, in this millennial period, students need to have skills and expertise in all fields, including in infographic making.

“Infographics really helps in clarifying an explanation, because conveying information visually can make the audience quicker to understand compared to just reading a text. In making infographics, it is necessary to pay attention to functional and essential elements like 5W+1H, being accurate, easy to understand, and interesting,” he revealed.

In this occasion the other day, UKSW Vice Rector IV Joseph Ernest Mambu, S.Pd., M.A., Ph.D., mentioned that one of the characteristics of the millennial generation is to have creative ideas. He hopes that the thinking pattern will be reflected in UKSW students, because they have the potential to create solutions when faced with various challenges in the future. (at/stev_jurkam/chis/upk_bpha/photo: stev_jurkam).