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08 January 2019 11:36
Friendly Get-Together Opens the 2019 Work Year

Friendly Get-Together Opens the 2019 Work Year

In opening the 2019 work year, today (4 January) there was a friendly get-together event for academic and non-academic employees at the Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) University Hall. This routinely held annual agenda was joined by UKSW leadership, lecturers, non-teaching staff, school teachers, and non-teaching staff of Satya Wacana Christian Laboratory School within the UKSW campus environment.

The event began with a worship activity among the UKSW academic community. It was continued with an opening prayer that was led by the Campus Ministry Coordinator, Pdt. Agus Supratikno, M.Th.

The friendly get-together was led directly by the UKSW Rector, Neil Semuel Rupidara, S.E., M.Sc., Ph.D. In his greeting, Neil Semuel Rupidara said Happy New Year to the whole academic community in attendance. Then the Rector also encouraged everyone to be grateful for what God has given from the 2018 work year.

In this new work year, the UKSW Rector asked the academic community to work diligently. He stated that God uses all of us as the UKSW academic community as an instrument to serve.

“Let’s make UKSW become the best,” he said.

This friendly get-together ended with having lunch together. The academic activities at UKSW will officially begin on Monday (7 January) next week. (at/upk_bpha/photo:gde).