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25 January 2019 12:27
UKSW Supported by Molindo Raya Industrial

UKSW Supported by Molindo Raya Industrial

On Wednesday (23 January), Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) signed an agreement with PT. Molindo Raya Industrial, the largest ethanol producer in Indonesia, at the UKSW University Hall. This agreement was signed by UKSW Rector Neil Semuel Rupidara, S.E., M.Sc., Ph.D, and the Executive Director of PT. Molindo Raya Industrial, Ir. Arief Goenadibrata, MIM.

This agreement between both parties involves a seminar, guest lecture, internship, as well as research and community service. Attending the signing event were the UKSW Rectorate and representatives from PT. Molindo Raya Industrial, lecturers, as well as students from various faculties.

Neil Semuel Rupidara explained that this cooperation between the two parties began with research that was conducted by a UKSW lecturer, Dr. Ir. Bistok Hasiholan Simanjuntak, MSi. This Agriculture and Business Faculty lecturer researched about the waste that was produced by PT. Molindo Raya Industrial.

“Indonesia has rich natural resources, human resources, social capital, and cultural capital, but we do not take advantage of all of them. This campus with all of its knowledge will produce research that is beneficial for society. UKSW and PT. Molindo will coordinate together to find solutions for these challenges,” clarified the UKSW Rector.

Meanwhile, Ir. Arief Goenadibrata explained that a company needs to have a partnership with an academic party, such as with UKSW.   

“This is a good beginning. We want to develop together,” he stated.

Besides signing the work agreement, Ir. Arief Goenadibrata, MIM, was also the sole speaker of a guest lecture titled “Industry 4.0 Trends in the Future”, which was held at the same location.

In the lecture that was moderated by UKSW lecturer Hindriyanto Dwi Purnomo, Ph.D., Arief Goenadibrata shared tips on how to prepare oneself to face the Industry 4.0 trends.

He mentioned that an individual should possess ten abilities to be able to compete in the Industry 4.0 era. A survey found that the ten abilities have changed. In 2015, creativity was the 10th skill that should be possessed, while in 2020 creativity is ranked 3rd for an ability that should be possessed by a person.

“Creativity is a skill that a robot does not have. Therefore, we need to have creativity, so that we can be superior to robots. This trend needs to be observed, especially by the education world. University students should learn more than what they study at campus,” he said. (upk/chis_bpha/photo:gde).