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SWCU's Vision and Mission

Vision of the University is:

  1. To Become a Scientiarum University to form an alliance of upper-level knowledge that is related to real teaching (althea) based on Biblical realism.  
  2. To Become a Magistrorum et Scholarium University to form a creative minority to build and regenerate the citizens and country of Indonesia.  
  3. To Become a Leadership Cultivator to allocate roles within a society (including church) that is developing.  
  4. To Become a Radar in a situation of spiritual, moral, political, and cultural change that signals, records, and follows those changes using them to become an object or target of study and research.
  5. To Become an Educational Service Foundation and Provider (Diakonia) for the duration of its existence, entailing constructive criticism along with information to churches and society regarding the societal presence of poverty, injustice, dishonesty, and unrest.

Mission of the University is:

  1. To carry out the three responsibilities of an upper educational institution, which are high teaching and education, research, and social service.  
  2. To operate an Indonesian Christian upper educational institution, meaning that the lives and activities on one side are motivated and are in the form of Christian faith, and on another side respond appropriately and act responsibly to socio-cultural situations and national needs as well as those of the Republic of Indonesia.  
  3. To motivate and develop an attitude and thinking that is critical-principle and creative-realistic based on sensitivity of one’s inner-self that is noble and led by God’s Commandments.  
  4. To create a center of thinking and experience to construct lives which are fair, free, orderly, along with prosperous.  
  5. To search for and strive to obtain meaningful relationships between Christian faiths with various fields of knowledge and activities or services.  
  6. To strive to form and cultivate generations of societal leadership that besides being equipped with a supply of knowledge and sensitivity in a certain field, also possess high awareness towards social service.