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06 September 2019 13:58
Comments by Promo Admission Raffle Recipients

Comments by Promo Admission Raffle Recipients

With wide smiles, 2019 batch new university students received the 2019 promo admission raffle prizes from the Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) Promotion, Public Relations, and Alumni Bureau (BPHA). Who were they?

They were Yudi Aiskar Baramuli, Fradia Febrianti, and Agustinus Yosua. These three new university students were lucky enough to receive laptops as prizes. When met in-between the inauguration events a short time back, the three of them admitted that they were very pleased to receive these promo admission prizes.

“I was surprised. I didn’t think that I could win a laptop, but I am still glad. Thank you UKSW,” said Agustinus Yosua, a new university student from Ketapang of the Faculty of Agriculture and Business (FPB).

Similarly, Fradia Febrianti, a new university student of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), was also surprised and didn’t imagine that she could win the promo admission raffle prize.

Yudi Aiskar Baramuli, a new university student from the Toli-toli Regency of Central Sulawesi, also got a laptop. He stated that the laptop prize would be very beneficial for him in his studies.

“I will use this prize as best as I can. Since I am studying in the Faculty of Information Technology (FTI), this laptop will be really useful,” he said.

Besides the laptops, this year’s BPHA promo admission program also gave away 3 cellphones. The students who were lucky enough to win the cellular phones were Wikan Dewi Asriyani from the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP), Sheila Alfatiha Yasa Salsabila from the Faculty of Science and Mathematics (FSM), and Restu Arif Kurniawan from the Faculty of Information Technology (FTI).

The Director of the Promotion, Public Relations, and Alumni Bureau (BPHA), Rini Kartika Hudiono, S.Pd., M.A., who was met separately, explained that the promo admission program is an annual event from UKSW BPHA for new university students.

“This promo admission activity is one of the ways to promote UKSW, in order that prospective students will also be interested to study here. Laptops and gadgets were chosen as promo admission prizes because these items are needed by students for the duration of their college studies. Both of these prizes support students in completing their class assignments,” she clarified.

The 2019 promo admission raffle drawing was done in-between the New University Student Orientation Inauguration events, which were held at the end of last August at the UKSW soccer field. Would you also like to get a promo admission prize? Well, for you who are 12th grade students all over Indonesia, don’t forget to make UKSW your choice of a university campus. Okay? (upk/chis_bpha/photo:omb publication team).