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Motto and Symbol of SWCU

  1. The university motto is: Fear in God is the Beginning of Understanding (Proverbs 1:7a).
  2. The university symbol is based on the name that is given that is Satya Wacana, which means Faith in Decrees.
  3. The university symbol consists of:

The left side is depicted:

  1.  A Leather scroll like in the shape of an ancient book from Israel that has the meaning “decree”. The depiction of the decree is a symbol of Christ, as is mentioned in John 1:1 “Then in the beginning there was a decree, and that decree was with God, and that decree is also God”.
  2. On top of the scroll is drawn a cross between Alfa (A) and Omega (∩), which mean that Jesus Christ is the beginning and the end. The symbol of the cross, Alfa, and Omega is a symbol of Christ (Revelations 1:8). The symbol of Christ as God’s Decree is drawn two times to depict how important it is to have faith and love in the decree (Satya Wacana) for Satya Wacana Christian University.

The right side is depicted:

1. A fire in the shape of seven flames symbolizing the Holy Spirit. The depiction of the Holy Spirit is found in Revelations 1:4.

2. The lower part is included with 1956- the year Indonesian Christian Teaching Educational Tertiary Institution was established, which was the beginning of Satya Wacana Christian University.  

The overall meaning is Satya Wacana is a Christian Upper Educational Institution that must always have faith in God’s Decrees. This faith is endeavored through perseverance to always read and strive for knowledge below the light of the Holy Spirit. The desire for knowledge and fostering cannot be separated from a certain belief that for Satya Wacana means Christian faith.